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    Stunning: Alexandra added: ‘The emerald cut solitaire style is a timeless classic and has been worn by many celebs over the years from Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor to Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie and Beyoncé’ (above Nicola displaying the ring on Instagram)

    The virtual get together came about in celebration of Maryland couple Susan and John’s Zoom wedding, hosted by the newly ordained Krasinski. John proposed to Susan by recreating Jim’s bent knee to Pam outside a petrol station in The Office.

    A year later, the pair endured one of the most dramatic events ever experienced by a member of the House of Windsor when a mentally ill man attempted to kidnap the Princess, shooting four others. Anne refused to get out of the car – her reply being a characteristic ‘Not bloody likely!’ – thus foiling the crime. Royal biographer Hugo Vickers, author of The Crown Dissected, the manual separating the facts from its many fictions, argues: ‘Anyone who wants to know what the Princess is like should watch her recalling the encounter with Michael Parkinson. She was literally coo

    From the start, there was speculation the two would opt for a low-key wedding ‘in the back garden’, in part to quell the disquiet over the taxpayer-footed bill for the security surrounding Eugenie’s lavish nuptials and growing concern over Andrew’s relationship with the late Jeffrey Epstein.

    n remarry. ‘Feminist’ may not be a word she would use to describe herself; however, a feminist is what Anne has been in practice; a working woman from the age of 18. The April issue of Vanity Fair magazine featured an interview in which she declared that, had she not been born royal, she would have been an engineer. Instead, she has been a champion of other women’s ambitions as patron of Women into Science and Engineering. The magazine’s cover featured a stunning Lord Snowdon portrait of the Princess aged 19, accompanied by the headline ‘Royal Rebel’. A few months ago, said rebel was trending on Twitter for apparently spurning President Trump, and as everybody’s favourite stroppy teenager in The Crown; a feat that saw her declared the ‘acceptable face of the monarchy’ in a left-wing newspaper. Others go further, and lament that she’s the greatest queen Britain never had. Ironic, then, that she should find herself 14th in the line of succession, appearing not only after her brothers, but their children and grandchildren, be it baby Archie or Princesses Beatric

    To take the homage to the next level, Krasinski brought Jenna Fischer in as maid of honor (10:10), along with “some of my family.” After he married the couple, the cast of the Office then showed up to dance to Forever by Chris Brown.

    Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, top gemologist Alexandra Michell from Prestige Pawnbrokers of Channel 4’s Posh Pawn praised the ‘timeless’ diamond ring chosen by Brooklyn for Nicola and believes it is worth more than £350,000. 

    nted this. Instead, her attentions settled on Captain Mark Phillips, a world-class horseman, despite being the son of a middle-class sausage-maker, as the snobs dismissed him. Quiet and malleable next to his formidable girlfriend, Prince Charles is said to have nicknamed him ‘Fog’, on account of being thick and wet. Anne smuggled him about in a horsebox while they were courting, their antics fictionalised in the Private Eye column (then book) Love in the Saddle, all thrilling rides and thrusting mounts. Five hundred million people worldwide watched their 1973 Westminster Abbey 2009 hot wedding invitations, in which the Princess wore an unfussy high-necked Tudor-style gown she’d des

    Social media detectives One of the best things about the return of Unsolved Mysteries in this era of social media is the fact that the investigation doesn’t end when the episodes do. Netflix has put materials relating to each case on a public drive. The drive includes photos of the evidence, unseen video snippets, interviews and more. Now you can look at that bizarre note Rey Rivera left taped to his computer, or check out a closeup of Patrice Endres’ missing wedding ring. I’m hoping Netflix adds more to this, because even though there are numerous clips for each case, nothing I saw there was earth-shattering — guess if it was, they’d have included it in the episode.

    After all, Princess Eugenie’s 2018 wedding to Jack Brooksbank was a dazzling blend of pomp, pageantry and showbiz with Robbie Williams chewing gum behind the Queen while actress Demi Moore and model Kate Moss were among those filling the pews.

    There may, too, have been other sensible reasons for caution. Questions had been raised over the timing of the start of their relationship – Edo had been living with his fiancée, Chinese-American architect Dara Huang, the mother of his son. But any suggestion that Beatrice had caused the split were denied.

    Only episode 5 felt out of place. Like Unsolved Mysteries occasionally did in the old days, this episode wanders into the world of aliens and the paranormal, focusing on a 1969 UFO. It’s the oldest case in the new batch, and definitely the least consequential. I made myself watch the entire episode to be fair to the show, but by the end, I still didn’t care about what may or may not have happened in Massachusetts 50 years ago. But I should expect more off-the-wall episodes — executive producer Terry Dunn Meurer told Variety a ghost story is among the upcoming shows.

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