An Introduction To Clinical Dermatology

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    <p> Dermatology is that branch of medical science that deals with the skin, hair and nails.
    Dermatologists are doctors who help patients evaluate and manage malignant and benign disorders of these external body areas. Clinical dermatology is a medical specialty that deals with all the diseases and conditions of skin, nails and hairs. </p><p> It is a known fact that the skin is the largest organ of the body that covers more than 90% of the body while hair and nails cover the remaining 8%.

    While an average adult has only 10 -30 pounds of skin, it bears the weight of the entire body, is elastic and also maintains its shape. It is interesting that though the skin sloughs off about 30-40,000 cells a day and renews itself every month, it never wears out. </p><p> Your skin identifies your age and race </p><p> According to clinical dermatology, the skin not only protects the body, but also prevents infections, provides protection from harmful UV radiation and environmental pollutants, maintains the housing for blood vessels and sweat glands that regulate body temperature and also alerts the body about any pain, 닥터스피부과 smell and touch to the body.

    </p><p> On a social count, skin also identifies a person's age, economic status, general health, race, gender, and age while it can also reflect various emotions like blushing and growing pale. </p><p> Your hair keeps you warm </p><p> The hair comprises of keratin, and is replenished regularly.
    It provides protection to the skin, helps keep the body warm and the brows and lashes prevent any dirt and particles from injuring the eye. </p><p> Even hair indicates your age, race, gender and overall health. Through many people suffer from problems like hair thinning and hair fall, there are today many advanced medical treatments offered to help reverse these medical hair conditions.

    </p><p> Nails can suffer from fungal infections </p><p> According to clinical dermatology, even the nails consist of keratin. Nails can suffer from various nail fungus and infections which usually arise because of inadequate hand 신사역 피부과 washing, improper trimming of nails, poor or unsanitary manicures and pedicures and even because of wearing tight shoes.
    Even diseases like diabetes and cancer treatments may harm the nails. However most of the medical nail conditions could be reversed, if treated early. </p><p> Some of the dermatological conditions treated by advanced clinical dermatology specialists include skin rashes, psoriasis, skin cancer, STDs, eczema, rosacea, hair loss, skin infections, acne, burns, nail disorders and even pediatric dermatology.

    </p><p> You just have to approach your dermatologist who will assess your skin condition, and plan the right treatment path to follow to reach a solution. </p>
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