Brooklyn Beckham and fiancée Nicola Peltz 'planning a Jewish wedding'

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    We’d all love to surprise Mom with the car of her dreams, right? In this time of coronavirus woes, though, we don’t really see too many folks — even those flush with cash — dropping big coin to earn brownie points with their parents. So consider this list to be something of a daydream catalog, or better yet, a set of vehicles that your matriarch might consider choosing from when it does come time for her to replace her ride.

    And being 80 doesn’t mean he shies away from new technology. His Sir Pat Stew Twitter account is a must-follow. Check out his birthday gift from Stewart’s pal Ian McKellen, who delivers a reading of William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 81, a wistful and sweet meditation about being remembered even after one is gone from this world.

    5. He’s been honest about childhood abuse The actor wasn’t born into a life of ease. He’s spoken honestly about his abusive father, and how he would wait in fear for him to come home from the pub, inserting his child’s body in between his dad’s fists and his mother’s face. Stewart was able to escape into acting, but hasn’t forgotten those who aren’t as lucky. He’s continued to promote awareness of domestic violence and help for its victims, of all ages.

    And so the ideal compromise was reached – an unannounced and private wedding with around 20 guests in the out-of-the-way Chapel of All Saints on the Windsor estate – with Captain Tom invited to the Castle for the higher-profile ceremony.

    Sharing a stunning snap of the couple, he wrote ‘Two weeks ago I asked my soulmate to marry me and she said yes xx I am the luckiest man in the world. I promise to be the best husband and the best daddy one day. I love you baby xx’  

    Happy 80th birthday, Sir Patrick Stewart. The English actor, who hit the big 8-0 on Monday, can look back on a life of impressive work. It includes decades with the Royal Shakespeare Company, voice acting in everything from Family Guy II to The Emoji Movie, video game and commercial work, the role of Charles Xavier in the X-Men franchise, and more. He even appears in an iconic meme, with his famous facepalm producing everything from cookies to its own meme generator. But to many, he’ll always be Captain Jean-Luc Picard, the inspiring and courageous captain of the 24th-century starship, the USS Enterprise.

    The ceremony is reportedly set to involve marrying under a chuppah (wedding canopy) and signing a ketubah (wedding contract) as both Brooklyn’s great grandfather and Nicola’s billionaire father are Jewish.

    But Andrew’s future public role in the Royal Family has become academic in view of him stepping down as UK trade envoy, being named in legal papers during the Jeffrey Epstein investigation, the closure of the Prince Andrew Charitable Trust, his disastrous Newsnight interview and his withdrawal from public life.

    6. He honors his teachers In 2010, Stewart was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace. And amid this lifetime honor, he didn’t forget to credit Cecil Dormand, the English teacher who first pushed him toward acting, saying he owed “literally everything” to the man. “Although many people in my life have had great influence on me, without this man none of it would have happened,” the BBC quoted Stewart as saying. It’s something Picard would have done.

    8. Best. Captain. Ever. Kirk, Janeway, Sisko, Brooks — they all have their followers. For a night out on the town, you might have the most fun with ol’ James Tiberius as your drinking buddy. But if you’re ever in real Star Trek space trouble and the aliens are advancing, or the shields are wavering, it’s Jean-Luc you want on the bridge.

    Boot up Animal Crossings: New Horizons on June 1 and you’ll be greeted to a PSA from Isabella informing you that love is in the air. Finally. She’s hinting at the entire month of June being wedding season within the game, which means new stuff for you to do and, more importantly, new items for you to earn. 

    What rewards can I get? Each day the couple will ask for a different theme and will give you a different item for helping them out. The first day you’re tasked with recreating a wedding ceremony, using items Reese helpfully prepared for you, with the reward being a Wedding Bench. The second day they’ll ask you to create a wedding reception set, and will hook you up with a Wedding Table for all the help. 

    Forgive us if we’re not admiring the ring though as Nicola is looking stunning in this yellow midi dress which hails from Victoria Beckham of course. Well, she might as well get used to wearing her mother-in-law’s designs. Can we expect VB to do the wedding dress too?

    Before the affordable planned wedding festivities, Krasinski’s wife Emily Blunt had a go at opening the show doing her best Krasinski impression, American accent and all, but lasted less than a minute before Krasinski kicked her out of his presenter’s seat.

    Now, at last, Beatrice’s ‘secret’ wedding seems finally to have broken the trend of more and more costly public celebrations -although as one observer wearily pointed out this weekend, there aren’t many Royals left to marry off.

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