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    NO. A puppy can eat cat food. It is just better for a puppy to eat puppy food.

    <b>Can your puppy die from eating cat poo?</b>
    yes i can yes i can yes it can no not if it eats a little bit. it also depends what the cat ate.

    What would happen if all mice were taken out of a food chain?
    The food chain would disrupt. Mouse-eating cats will die, Cat-eating dogs will die, and so on.

    <u><b>Can a cat die from eating a cricket?</b></u>
    Unless the cricket is laced with poison, it is a natural food for a cat and won’t harm it.

    <b>Can dogs die from eating kitty food?</b>
    no. the only main difference between cat and dog food is that a dog food can contains preferably more meat than a cat food can. basically, if a dog eats cat food, there should be absoloutely no problem.

    <b>How did Alexander cartwright die by eating a cat?</b>
    why does the question not go into detail on why did alexander catwright die from eating a cat?

    Will your cat die from eating a leopard gecko?
    No, a cat will come to no harm eating one of these lizards.

    <b>Have you ever heard of a cat eating dog poo?</b>
    i know it’s weird of thinking of a cat eating dog poo but you have to die to know i know it’s weird of thinking of a cat eating dog poo but you have to die to know i know it’s weird of thinking of a cat eating dog poo but you have to die to know yes my cat does it all the time.

    Can a cat die from eating can cat food?
    Depends when this question was posted……at one time last spring (2009) there was a recall of many cat foods due to an ingredient added from China. This recall has passed and according to vets – if your cat is an indoor only cat it should have more canned food and less dry food.

    <u>Can a cat die from eating cottage cheese?</u>
    I doubt that very much. Cats are very good at barfing up food that is bad for them.

    <u>What food can you feed a cat?</u>
    You cannot feed a cat people food. It might get your cat sick and then it may die. Only feed a cat cat food. ONLY CAT FOOD!

    Can cat die from eating chocolate?
    Maybe not die, but they might get really sick if you feed them too much, because their stomachs aren’t made for digesting human food, and chocolate is for humans.

    <b>How many people die a day from eating fast food?</b>
    7000 people die each year from eating at fast food places!!

    <b>Will cats die from eating a peanut?</b>
    It is very unlikely a cat will die, or have any detrimental effect on the cat from eating a single peanut. Peanuts are very high in salt which can harm the cat in large doses, so it is best to keep them out of a cat’s reach.

    <u><b>Can you die from eating organic food?</b></u>
    eating organic food is healthy for you because it does not have poisenus pestecides d

    <b>I want a puppy but I have a 17 yr old cat that hates dogs what do I do?</b>
    Your first duty is to your cat, it has been your companion for a long time and in its old age it needs you provide it with the quiet and comfort it deserves, not mess its peace up with a puppy. One day (before too long given its age) your cat will die. This will be a sad time but you can then get your puppy.

    <b>Can a cat die from eating oxyfree504?</b>
    Hmm… Probabbly :I -The BOLD explainer

    Why is your cat acting lethargic and not eating?
    Sick or possibly going to die

    <b>Can a cat die from eating ketchup?</b>
    No but if they eat a lot they can get really sick.

    <u><b>Can you die from eating dog food?</b></u>
    Yes if you are allergic to any of the contents/ingredients in the dog food. but usually no you can not die from eating dog food, although it is strongly ill advised. So over all no you can’t die from eating dog food but you could get a serious stomach ache or throw up.

    <b>Could a puppy die from eating cantaloupe?</b>
    im guessing no because cantaloupe is very healthy but dont give it to much of it because if a dog has to much human food thay can become a little over weighted

    <u>If you had a cat and only fed it on junk food how would the cat be affected?</u>
    If you only fed a cat junk food then it would die. Without nutrients from real cat food the cat’s immune system would be defenseless against any bacteria or others harmful things. Along with that, cats are not made for eating that kind of food, and although it may be fine for humans, the acidity of the foods may burn right through the lining of the stomach causing severe ulcers and digestive problems.

    <u>Can a dog actually die from eating turtle food?</u>
    the answer is… dog ate turtle food and didn’t die.

    <b>Why do bearded dragons puff neck after eating?</b>
    They puff their necks out after eating to die jest it is food.

    <b>What happens if cat eats poisonous mushroom?</b>
    It might die, but I think a cat would never be interested in eating mushroom of any kind.

    <b>Can you get worms from eating old food?</b>
    Yes nitwit you will die

    <b>What are the signs when a cat is going to die?</b>
    Laying around, not drinking or 고양이 행동 eating. Also not going to the bathroom.

    <i><u>Do dogs die from eating human food?</u></i>
    Not in moderation but over eating of human food and they’ll become overweight and bloated (just like us)

    <i><u>How many dogs die in puppy mills?</u></i>
    6-8 million dogs are killed each month from puppy mills/shelters b/c of food and behavior

    <i><u>Can cats die from eating paint?</u></i>
    It’s possible depending on the type of paint, you can get non-toxic paint to help your cat if it’s eating paint.

    <b>Can a cat die from eating an ice pack?</b>
    if not given proper procedure to get it out. There is a chemical reaction in the ice pack that could kill the cat if given no care

    <u>Will my cat die from diabetes?</u>
    If your cat has diabetes and isn’t given insulin then it will eventually go into a coma and will die, but if it has the right amount of insulin it requires and is given the right food then your cat can live as long as a cat without diabetes.

    <u>Could you die from eating a piece of dog food?</u>
    It is highly unlikely.

    <u>Can a cat die from eating chocolate like dogs?</u>
    No, cats do not have allergy to chocolate. It just will make them fat.

    <u>Can cat die from eating salami?</u>
    only if said feline consumes twice their body weight in salami

    <b>If a puppy eats lead from a pencil will the puppy die?</b>
    no the puppy will not die, just call a vet or take it to the vet.

    <u><i>Can a puppy die from eating paint?</i></u>
    I am sorry but most likely yes. Try getting some syrup to help it throw up the paint if it happened.

    <u>Is eating good or bad?</u>
    Eating is very good- without food you would starve and die. Eating is best when you eat healthy and follow the food triangle and get all your food needs in your diet- grains, meats, fruit, vegetables, dairy, and a little fats.

    Can a cat get sick from eating a wild bird?
    Yes, but only if the bird ate something poisonous. YES, your cat can get sick or even die from eating a sick or poison bird. Or 고양이 발정기 the bird might have bad poisonous inside its body, and if your cat eat it then your cat can catch the sickness too! So just watch out for what your cat (s) eat. thank you, DIAMOND JONES

    <b>How long for a cat to die after eating poison?</b>
    If the cat is still alive, you should take it to the vet right away! Don’t wait for any reason. Then you’ll know.

    <b>Can you die from eating non organic food?</b>
    yes you can it can kill you you wouldn’t want to do that

    <b>Can you die without eating food?</b>
    If you go without food for weeks, months, or years, death might be on the way.

    <b>Can a dog get disease from eating cat poop?</b>
    i belive so because dogs are not rats and fly they can eat anything and wont die or something, but if ur da type who’s a great owner stick to ur reg. food

    <i><u>Would you die if there was no more food left?</u></i>
    Yes. You will die of starvation sooner or later, even eating people will not that that.

    <u><b>Can a cat die from eating cheese?</b></u>
    If they eat to much cheese its possible, but just by eating cheese, NO, cheese is not particularly healthy for cats because of the milk in it, but is not harmful in small amounts.

    <b>Can you feed your fish cat food?</b>
    no because your fish could die from the high nutrition that your cat needs so i would have to say no

    <i><u>Do puppies die when they eat meat?</u></i>
    No. A puppy’s digestive system is designed to break down milk proteins, and will have more trouble digesting solids and tougher meat proteins. But eating moistened dry dog food, or canned dog food, or minced meats will not cause any real problem for a puppy over the age of three weeks.

    <u>Why do old cats stop eating?</u>
    Sometimes they become disoriented and cannot find their food. We have a 23 year old cat that has to be led to her food. She cannot see or hear well, but boy she sure can eat. When she was 19, she became terribly quiet and slept a lot. We thought she was going to die so I brought her a special treat of Chef Boyardee, she loved it. We realized that she was just terribly…

    <b>Whats the purpose of eating when were all going to die?</b>
    Well theres sea food…

    <u>What are the problems faced by eating junk food?</u>
    You get morbely obese then have a heart atta and die

    <u><i>How did Cristopher Columbus die?</i></u>
    He died of a stomach condition from eating food that was not cooked properly.

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