Ciara caresses her baby bump in an underwater pool photo in a bikini

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    We’d all love to surprise Mom with the car of her dreams, right? In this time of coronavirus woes, though, we don’t really see too many folks — even those flush with cash — dropping big coin to earn brownie points with their parents. So consider this list to be something of a daydream catalog, or better yet, a set of vehicles that your matriarch might consider choosing from when it does come time for her to replace her ride.


    Bea has always been really close to Edo’s family, so it’s natural that Wolfie should become part of hers. He’s a super little boy and extremely cute. It will be interesting to see what happens when they start their own family – but Bea is so caring, his happiness will always be her number one

    Ciara (born Ciara Princess Harris) also teased her adoring fans by covering up her bikini body with a black sheer wrap in a quick Instagram Story video of herself walking alongside the pool dwelling.   

    Some Good News, the feel-good news show hosted for the past eight weeks by John Krasinski, has sadly come an end — at least for its initial run of eight episodes. In the final instalment for now, Krasinski turned the lens on the positive community built up around the show, as well as dropping a few behind-the-scenes bloopers, including from last week’s The Office Zoom wedding.

    5. He’s been honest about childhood abuse The actor wasn’t born into a life of ease. He’s spoken honestly about his abusive father, and how he would wait in fear for him to come home from the pub, inserting his child’s body in between his dad’s fists and his mother’s face. Stewart was able to escape into acting, but hasn’t forgotten those who aren’t as lucky. He’s continued to promote awareness of domestic violence and help for its victims, of all ages.

    ‘I was always the drunk party girl… I’d gone out five… Who will stop my stalker? Calls to the National Stalking… Guess who…your other half is at work. Workplace tyrant,… Liz Jones’s Diary: In which there’s a big

    Family time: Ciara also shared another video showing her NFL superstar husband, Russell Wilson ,working out on a stationary bicycle with her six-year-old son, Future, that she shares with ex-partner, rapper Future (born Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn)

    A few of those highlights include: Oprah Winfrey giving advice to college graduates, astronauts dropping in from the International Space Station and the original cast of Hamilton singing Alexander Hamilton to a 9-year-old girl who missed out on the show.

    She also shared another video showing her NFL superstar husband working out on a stationary bicycle with her six-year-old son, Future, that she shares with ex-partner, rapper Future (born Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn).

    s Jay.

    ‘We all recognise the faith being placed in us because, while the items may not be valuable in a monetary sense, to their owner they are priceless. To them, it’s more than a possession – they’re bringing us a member of their family. The item has been passed down through generations and if the team can work its magic, it will be around for future ones to

    Using Zoom can be hazardous at the best of times, but Krasinski not only married a couple on its virtual podium, he brought together the entire cast of The Office to reenact the wedding dance to Forever by Chris Brown that made Jim and Pam’s wedding problems truly special on the show.

    o Edo. Beatrice becomes the first ‘blood princess’ – as her father Andrew calls his two daughters – to become a stepmother. A friend said: ‘Bea is totally into the stepmum role.
    She’s very concerned about getting it right and making every effort to be a second mother

    6. He honors his teachers In 2010, Stewart was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace. And amid this lifetime honor, he didn’t forget to credit Cecil Dormand, the English teacher who first pushed him toward acting, saying he owed “literally everything” to the man. “Although many people in my life have had great influence on me, without this man none of it would have happened,” the BBC quoted Stewart as saying. It’s something Picard would have done.

    In the words of Krasinski, who later stands up to reveal he’s actually wearing proper suit pants for this episode (instead of boxers), “No matter how hard things get, there is always good in the world.”

    it up! I never forget that while I have come to that moment, having poured all of my skill and care into the item, that person is coming to it with a multitude of emotions, from grief to joy, coupled with ne

    Happy 80th birthday, Sir Patrick Stewart. The English actor, who hit the big 8-0 on Monday, can look back on a life of impressive work. It includes decades with the Royal Shakespeare Company, voice acting in everything from Family Guy II to The Emoji Movie, video game and commercial work, the role of Charles Xavier in the X-Men franchise, and more. He even appears in an iconic meme, with his famous facepalm producing everything from cookies to its own meme generator. But to many, he’ll always be Captain Jean-Luc Picard, the inspiring and courageous captain of the 24th-century starship, the USS Enterprise.

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