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    Just a couple years back, Text message was a favorite method of communication between friends. Storage space is something that many Android users are wary of. To see what contact is using up the most storage space, go to Settings -> Storage use,” and the first contact on the list is the one which occupies the most storage space. The company takes care of user privacy. Lately company is applicable encryption. All basic privacy settings are controlled by settings→Account→ privacy here is the full list of all privacy settings.

    Select attach > head to gallery > choose the image you would like to share. Once you are doing this, the image will open up in WhatsApp’s picture editor. At the top right, you will see options of adding text, emoticons and doodle. you’ll resize and change colors of all 3 once you add these to your image. iOS’s native notifications enable you to answer messages you obtain in WhatsApp without ever heading to the app.

    Marking read for a talk thread is rather easy. You can either open a discussion or swipe remaining and select Read option. The secret comes in convenient when you wish to tag that chat unread too. Follow the same gesture and mark it unread. In an ad released in Indian papers, WhatsApp has issued several suggestions for users. Should anyone ever need to conceal your identity while chatting on WhatsApp – which seems rather dubious, but we’re not judging – this technique by website design company Michael John makes it possible for you to bypass WhatsApp’s Text message verification by using a fake number.

    For quite some time now, Facebook has tried to put itself as the go-to messenger for each message we send, publicly or privately, baiting us with features like ” chat el blog heads ” or the ability to send tone of voice recordings Buying WhatsApp, which processes 19 billion messages a day, clearly goes a long way toward satisfying that mission. As soon as all the CEOs and lawyers sign on the dotted range, nearly a half-billion people who have been messaging off of Facebook will instantly start routing their chats through Mark Zuckerberg’s domain.

    All of the activities on Facebook can be remotely checked then and there in the control -panel. Now the good thing is that if your kid is outdoors, you can still check what they are up to on Facebook in the home. The other noteworthy feature of monitoring app is that you can track all the actions in the same day stamp and time. This means that you can do real time monitoring or monitoring of Facebook accounts. This helps

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