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    -breaker.’ The press was fascinated by her romantic adventures, and naturally this curiosity appalled her. Her name was linked with every princeling and grandee of marriageable age. Those keen on the idea of thwarted passion claim that Andrew Parker Bowles (later Camilla’s husband) was the love of her life. Certainly, this rakish young cavalry officer was a frequent escort – and more, if the pair’s antics in The Crown are to be believed. However, his Roman Catholicism prevented him from being a serious marital contender, even had Ann


    I still kept it, but felt a great sadness that my grandchildren, Anya, three, and Alexander, one, would never get to enjoy it. It was Richard who applied for us to take it to The Repair Shop. He knew how much it would mean to me to have it restored – and, as a music composer and producer by profession, he was eager to sample the music on it for

    ‘I do not care about my physical body!’: Ricky Gervais… Katie Price’s son Harvey, 18, thanks well-wishers for their… Elizabeth Hurley, 55, leaves little to the imagination as… ‘It will make somebody’s day’: Coronation Street star Bill…

    3. He had the classiest ice-bucket challenge ever Remember in 2014, when people were dumping buckets of ice water on their heads to promote donations to ALS charities? Stewart, then 74, wisely chose to skip the bucket-dumping, instead silently writing out a check (presumably his ALS donation). Only then did he pull an ice bucket into view — not to dump it, but to fix himself a drink and raise a toast. Cheers, sir.

    A powerlifting champion who was once accused of seducing a vulnerable 17-year-old girl has turned over a new leaf as a satanic ‘cult leader’ and porn star who advocates animal welfare and mental health support at his thriving Central Coast gym.


    ‘Five years ago, I couldn’t see tomorrow, so to be part of this show now is just amazing. And, like the items brought in for repair, I had fallen apart, I didn’t see a future for myself. But I had a team of friends around me, who restored me and gave me a new lease

    Compared to its more glamorous sister sports – Crossfit, yoga, bodybuilding and strongman – powerlifting remains on the fringes of mainstream athletics and generally attracts a more colourful range of competitors.

    The luxury hideaway is where Madonna spends her summers, famously celebrating her 59th birthday there in 2017, and it was also the venue for the planned wedding of Justin Timberlake and Hollywood actress Jessica Biel in 2012. 

    The ceremony is reportedly set to involve marrying under a chuppah (wedding canopy) and signing a ketubah (wedding contract) as both Brooklyn’s great grandfather and Nicola’s billionaire father are Jewish.

    Keane describes himself as the ‘cult leader’ at Pale Horse Powerlifting on the New South Wales Central Coast, where he charges upwards of $200 per month for customised training plans and online coaching

    kner    Your chart is a bit like a cosmic selfie. Taken at the time of your birth, it maps out the precise location of the planets at that moment, and each placement can explain why we act in certain ways. Here’s what Princess An

    5. He’s been honest about childhood abuse The actor wasn’t born into a life of ease. He’s spoken honestly about his abusive father, and how he would wait in fear for him to come home from the pub, inserting his child’s body in between his dad’s fists and his mother’s face. Stewart was able to escape into acting, but hasn’t forgotten those who aren’t as lucky. He’s continued to promote awareness of domestic violence and help for its victims, of all ages.


    My father inherited it, and I have many memories of my mother dancing to it for me when I was a child and later for my children, Annika and Richard. She loved ballet and would spin around to the Sugar Plum Fa

    As he turns 80, Stewart’s not retiring anytime soon. He brought back the beloved character of Picard in Star Trek: Picard on CBS All Access. (ViacomCBS is CNET’s parent company.) Our review notes that as Picard, Stewart remains “vital and dynamic when he’s standing up for the good in humanity.” 

    8. Best. Captain. Ever. Kirk, Janeway, Sisko, Brooks — they all have their followers. For a night out on the town, you might have the most fun with ol’ James Tiberius as your drinking buddy. But if you’re ever in real Star Trek space trouble and the aliens are advancing, or the shields are wavering, it’s Jean-Luc you want on the bridge.


    It had been sewn into the dress of his grandmother, Penot, who had kept it hidden for four years during her time as a prisoner of war in a Japanese camp on the island of Sumatra during the Second World War. ‘There is no family history except this watch,’ said Ron. Despite the pressure, clock expert Steve Fletcher (far left) worked his magic – to an emotional reaction. Right: The louis vuitton steamer Trunk Broken and battered, it was hard to see how new life could be breathed into the vintage LV steamer trunk that Tom (centre) brought to The Repair Shop – an heirloom originally owned by his globetrotting great-grandfathe

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