Patrick Stewart turns 80: Here are 8 reasons to love him

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    In spite of all this, she keeps calm and carries on – a quality admired by the Queen who could not have given her granddaughter a greater seal of approval than loaning her a dress and a treasured tiara.

    Using Zoom can be hazardous at the best of times, but Krasinski not only married a couple on its virtual podium, he brought together the entire cast of The Office to reenact the wedding dance to Forever by Chris Brown that made Jim and Pam’s wedding truly special on the show.

    e issues.’ Despite remaining remarkably consistent, Anne has transformed her image from ‘Princess Sourpuss’ via ‘the caring Princess’ to the national treasure she is today. Our royal black sheep has come into her own and garnered worldwide respect, if not quite love; which is doubtless how she herself wo

    tells us: Sun sign in Leo (the placement of the sun sign represents who we really are; this is your star sign). Leos are competitive, which could explain Anne’s sporting success. Anne’s Sun is positioned very close to Pluto, which means it’s likely she has possessed strength of character right from the off. She also has a strong sense of duty. There may have been many power struggles in her lif

    wedding For Katie Nicholl, Anne is the most underrated royal: ‘In fact, she is a real-life action princess who has broken the mould in so many ways. She was the first royal to get involved with Africa and – way before the Duchess of Sussex was empowering women – the Princess Royal was busy paving the way for royals to associate themselves with progre

    6. He honors his teachers In 2010, planning support Stewart was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace. And amid this lifetime honor, he didn’t forget to credit Cecil Dormand, the English teacher who first pushed him toward acting, saying he owed “literally everything” to the man. “Although many people in my life have had great influence on me, without this man none of it would have happened,” the BBC quoted Stewart as saying. It’s something Picard would have done.

    Some Good News, the feel-good news show hosted for the past eight weeks by John Krasinski, has sadly come an end — at least for its initial run of eight episodes. In the final instalment for now, Krasinski turned the lens on the positive community built up around the show, as well as dropping a few behind-the-scenes bloopers, including from last week’s The Office Zoom wedding.

    In the words of Krasinski, who later stands up to reveal he’s actually wearing proper suit pants for this episode (instead of boxers), “No matter how hard things get, there is always good in the world.”

    A few of those highlights include: Oprah Winfrey giving advice to college graduates, astronauts dropping in from the International Space Station and the original cast of Hamilton singing Alexander Hamilton to a 9-year-old girl who missed out on the show.

    “We are today signing an executive order allowing people to get their marriage licenses remotely and also allowing clerks to perform ceremonies over video,” said Melissa DeRosa, an aide to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, during a press conference Saturday.

    There may, too, have been other sensible reasons for caution. Questions had been raised over the timing of the start of their relationship – Edo had been living with his fiancée, Chinese-American architect Dara Huang, the mother of his son. But any suggestion that Beatrice had caused the split were denied.


    Every possession is unique and there is no room for error. I’ve had moments where I’ve thought, ‘I honestly don’t know if I’m going to be able to do this.’ Leather is so fragile – one stitch can be undone and the whole thing can f

    From the start, there was speculation the two would opt for a low-key wedding ‘in the back garden’, in part to quell the disquiet over the taxpayer-footed bill for the security surrounding Eugenie’s lavish nuptials and growing concern over Andrew’s relationship with the late Jeffrey Epstein.

    time. My brother Steve, who is the clock specialist on The Repair Shop, was responsible for me joining the show’s team. We grew up in a very crafty home. Dad was a watchmaker who also loved photography and Mum made her ow

    the back. This isn’t fun-photo-op hair – it’s all about looking the part: regal, efficient, businesslike. Her approach to hairstyling, much like her mother’s, is sensible and never about vanity. It’s been well thought out – the height from the backcombing is flattering and compliments her face, as well as showing off her swan-like neck. Clearly once Anne figured out her hair formula she stuck to it like glue, making it a si

    After all, Princess Eugenie’s 2018 wedding to Jack Brooksbank was a dazzling blend of pomp, pageantry and showbiz with Robbie Williams chewing gum behind the Queen while actress Demi Moore and model Kate Moss were among those filling the pews.


    The pandemic has disrupted our existence in countless ways, but life goes on despite the hardships. Videoconferencing tools like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Skype, Apple Facetime and Microsoft Teams have surged in use as people have signed on for business, school and personal connections.

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