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    What rewards can I get? Each day the couple will ask for a different theme and will give you a different item for helping them out. The first day you’re tasked with recreating a wedding ceremony, using items Reese helpfully prepared for you, with the reward being a Wedding Bench. The second day they’ll ask you to create a wedding reception set, and will hook you up with a Wedding Table for all the help. 

    Some Good News, the feel-good news show hosted for the past eight weeks by John Krasinski, has sadly come an end — at least for its initial run of eight episodes. In the final instalment for now, Krasinski turned the lens on the positive community built up around the show, as well as dropping a few behind-the-scenes bloopers, including from last week’s The Office Zoom wedding.

    The figure, from a report Rouhani cited in a televised speech, was far higher than Saturday’s official figure for infections of 271,606, and corresponds to more than 30% of Iran’s 80 million population.

    Israeli police used water cannons to disperse demonstrators around Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s residence on Saturday as protests mounted against him over alleged corruption and his handling of the coronavirus crisis.

    The beautiful story that is John Krasinski’s Some Good News YouTube show has come full circle. Like the positive news show’s inaugural episode, episode 7 brought us another The Office reunion, this time featuring absolutely everyone — from Steve Carell to Jenna Fischer to Mindy Kaling.

    nity.’ From careworn teddy bears to irregular clocks, a diverse collection of treasured possessions has been brought to the workshop, housed in a thatched barn in West Sussex, clutched by nervous contributors preparing to entrust the experts – who range from a ceramicist to a carpenter – with their irreplace

    New York has been the US state hardest hit by COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus. A key part of the response to try to curtail the virus’ spread have been social distancing actions like staying at home as much as possible.

    A few of those highlights include: Oprah Winfrey giving advice to college graduates, astronauts dropping in from the International Space Station and the original cast of Hamilton singing Alexander Hamilton to a 9-year-old girl who missed out on the show.

    The Gold Brooch Sisters Alison and Lorraine travelled from Dundee with a much-loved but broken gold brooch of a tiny bird that had once belonged to their great-grandmother and had lain in a box for the past

    The virtual get together came about in celebration of Maryland couple Susan and John’s Zoom wedding, hosted by the newly ordained Krasinski. John proposed to Susan by recreating Jim’s bent knee to Pam outside a petrol station in The Office.

    What is Wedding Season? After listening to Isabella’s announcement, your virtual pocket will start buzzing. It’s Harv, whose nearby island you’ve probably visited. Housed on that island is a photo studio that’s been little more than a novelty, but now it’s being put to use. He says he needs a slight favor and that some “sweet folks” need their photos taken.

    wners. Presenter Jay Blades, 50, who has a background in furniture restoration, says it’s become must-watch viewing for so many in lockdown because it’s a show founded on the principles of community, humanity and

    “We are today signing an executive order allowing people to get their marriage licenses remotely and also allowing clerks to perform ceremonies over video,” said Melissa DeRosa, an aide to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, during a press conference Saturday.


    I was devastated when the local saddle maker, a man called Ken Langford, told me it was beyond repair, but when he suggested I take it home, take it apart and at least learn from it, I did. That was it; my lifelong passion for saddles and tack was born. To me, saddles are both pieces of art and engineering, and are practical and beautiful at the

    again For its six and a half million viewers, The Repair Shop has proved to be the perfect escape from the anxiety and monotony of lockdown, with its gripping combination of master craftsmanship and deeply persona

    Before the wedding festivities, Krasinski’s wife Emily Blunt had a go at opening the show doing her best Krasinski impression, American accent and all, but lasted less than a minute before Krasinski kicked her out of his presenter’s seat.

    For the most up-to-date news and information about the coronavirus pandemic, visit the WHO website.

    Add weddings to the list of things you can do online during the coronavirus pandemic, along with dinner parties, schooling, concerts, cabinet meetings and of course dating, as people try to get stuff done despite stay-at-home rules. The state of New York now permits marriage ceremonies via videoconference.

    Using Zoom can be hazardous at the best of times, but Krasinski not only married a couple on its virtual podium, he brought together the entire cast of The Office to reenact the wedding process easier dance to Forever by Chris Brown that made Jim and Pam’s wedding truly special on the show.

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