The fate of face masks: Conflicting advice, new mask mandates and more

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    Why am I still being asked to wear one some places?  All people, regardless of whether they’ve been vaccinated, need to wear a face mask on public transportation, on airplanes, in health care settings and in any local or private business that requires one. 

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    On May 13, the CDC announced that vaccinated people are safe to go without masks in most cases. Here’s where we are now. We’ve come a long way since March 2020, thanks, mostly, to three highly effective COVID vaccines. Since then, there’s been debate about proof of vaccination, whether or not the CDC’s guidance on masks is valid and confusion about local mandates.

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    If a restaurant or business asks you to wear a mask and you refuse, however, it is likely within their rights to refuse you service, as long as they are doing it in a “nondiscriminatory manner,” KIRO 7 reports. There is nothing in the CDC’s current guidance regarding masks about proof of vaccination, and (it seems) most stores and businesses have adopted the guidance on the faith that people will be masking or not based on their personal vaccination status. (Recall “No shirt, no shoes, no service,” per Healthline.)  Is it legal to require face masks or proof of vaccination?

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