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    What is an advertising banner?

    What is banner building for a website? In general, there are two models of banner advertising for the site (online display designs and physical display designs), both of which are done through banner ads that can be used to market and sell products. Used. In the physical method, we can refer to the design of advertising billboards that can be seen in the city. These banners are usually placed on large billboards called billboards, and they can also be placed on the walls of office buildings in Used another form.


    In another model, we should mention the virtual designs that this banner model is made as a fixed or moving graphic image using modern design techniques and is displayed on the Internet for users to display. Format of such internet designs: JPG. , Gif. And Html 5, which is selected at the request of the advertiser and is prepared by a master designer in this field and is provided to the websites displaying advertisements. One of the most famous of these models is the creation of a moving advertising banner for Instagram.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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