AELCLIC pathfinder

I am pleased to inform you that Kirsi Hutri has joined the Aalto team working in the AELCLIC project.

Kirsi will be coordinating together with me the implementation of the project in the 3 Finnish Pilot landscapes One district in Helsinki, Hyyppä river valley-cultural landscape and Tornio River Valley)

She might contact you soon to get your expert advice in the following points of this “preparatory” phase:

  1. Selection of final Pilot Landscapes (Leading and Multipliers) and of their boundaries
  2. Pre-identification of key stakeholders (governmental, economic, academic and social)
  3. Potential connections in each Pilot landscape with existing works and projects related to Climate Change
  4. Gathering of general information about the expected climate change in the Pilot Areas and potential IMPACTS (environmental, social and economic impact). We must accept the limitations of our project and the need of using existing information and of applying high levels of extrapolation.
  5. Formulation of strategies and ideas to increase the IMPACT of our local work and the final outcomes  

In particular, it will be specially important for us to identify the economic, social and governemental key stakeholders in the Pilot Landscape areas

We will also have the chance to atlak about the AELCLIC project in the next meeting of the Steeering Group of the Landscape Observatory

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