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    <br>The gas streams vented from extremely high temperature industrial and chemical processes can contain all sorts of nasty pollutants.

    Regular filtration units, though capable of dealing with this pollution for a short space of time, are quickly rendered ineffective both by the heat and the sheer concentration of pollutants. Ceramic filtration, a more directed technique designed specifically to combat high temperature waste pollution, offers the ideal, indeed, the only, solution.<br>A company that uses a ceramic filtering system has very little to worry about, Mechanical sealing heat wise – particularly if they choose to install a filter system using dedicate high temp filters like the Metcem range produced by UK gas filtration company Glosfume.

    The Metcem filters, which were designed by Glosfume because they couldn't find any filters on the market that lasted long enough to make them happy about fitting them in their own cleaning units, have gained an international reputation since as the last word in ceramic filtration: cleaning technology that actually gets stronger, the hotter it gets.<br>On average, the workable operating temperature (that's the maximum operating temp at which a filter is still guaranteed to do its job with 100% effectiveness) is 450 degrees Centigrade.

    Plenty hot enough to cover even the most energy intensive processes that modern industry is commonly involved with. That means that ceramic filters can carry on cleaning 100% of the gas streams generated by industrial processes like biomass and biohazard incineration; hazardous substance control; and waste metal stripping; throughout the whole course of their cycle.

    <br>Workers in these environments are, naturally, protected by extremely tough health and safety regulations – a lot of which have to do with the percentage efficiency of the gas cleaning measures put in place. There are alternative measures to ceramic filtration, which do pass the health and safety regs: but they don't deliver the same efficiency and longevity as a ceramic filter, and they carry secondary risks of their own, particularly (unsurprisingly) fire.

    Using ceramic filters is the only way to guarantee long term effectiveness and safety. <br>A corollary of that, obviously enough, Mechanical sealing is that the use of ceramic filters is the only way a high hazard, Ceramic filter high temp business has of guaranteeing long term money saving.
    Other filtering methods are less long lived and more prone to combustion – which, in itself, can lead to costly delays and repairs. Just the fact that a business using non ceramic filtration has to regularly replace units drives the cost of safely processing hazardous materials through the roof.

    Using a ceramic filter offers financial, as well as safety, stability.<br>Modern ceramic filters are extremely resistant not only to heat, but to the damaging effects of the elements they are there to weed out. A lot of pollutants generated in these high hazard environments are extremely corrosive: the density and strength of a modern ceramic filter protects the filtration unit from disintegration. And because most ceramic filtration systems are custom built to fit an exact requirement, they always represent far better filtering solutions that their off the peg alternatives.

    Where employee safety is concerned, that's invaluable.<br> at Glosfume Limited within affordable rates.

    Starting from the latest , ceramic filters, dry scrubbing products and other high temperature filtration items, you will get everything.

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