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    Bonita Altom

    The Great Archaeologists
    by Edward Bacon

    🔥 The Great Archaeologists : Read More 🔥

    • Release date: January 1, 1976
    • Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill
    • ISBN: 9780672520525 (0672520524)
    • Language: english
    • Genres: history
    • Format: hardcover, 428 pages
    • Author: Edward Bacon

    About The Book

    The modern world’s discovery of ancient civilizations as originally reported in the pages of The Illustrated London News from 1842 to the present day.

    For more than a century and a quarter The Illustrated London News has been for lovers of archaeology throughout the world synonymous with the firsthand, first ever reports of the most significant and the richest of archaeological finds. This is because, since the ILN began reporting them in 1842, it has marched in step with the great period of discovery. In the words generally of those who excavated the sites or of the correspondents sent by the ILN as the first outsiders on the spot, it reported, and was usually the first to do so, the news of discoveries and the men who made them, men whose names are now household words.

    Here are the famous accounts: of how Sir Arthur Evans turned the myths of Minos into archaeological certainty when he excavated the palaces at Knossos; in Egypt, after much fruitless searching, the Earl of Carnarvon and Howard Carter found the first intact royal tomb — the tomb of Tutankhamen; Sir Leonard Woolley’s expedition unearthed the now renowned treasures of Ur of the Chaldees; and chance led to the prehistoric paintings in the caverns of Lascaux.

    Edward Bacon, for more than thirty years the Archaeology Editor of The Illustrated London News, has selected the most important, the most striking, the most amusing articles, deftly linking them with his own short summaries of what was happening at the same time in other parts of the world.

    The illustrations are as vivid as the articles. The majority are the original sketches, engravings, paintings or photographs, together with a few modern black and white and color reproductions for comparison. The Great Archaeologists offers a new opportunity to see the sites and their treasures as they were found; to share the scenes which the discoverers themselves beheld; to gain true insight into the attitudes, social customs and methods of the archaeologists; and to compare the interpretations of the time with those of today (which are sometimes different).

    Beautifully designed, and with a wealth of illustrations, The Great Archaeologists uniquely recreates the key moments in the history of archaeology from 1842 to the present, of equal value to the devoted student and to the reader about to plunge for the first time into the sumptuous world of the past.

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