Ongoing activities

The Landscape Observatory of Finland is actively engaged in different projects and actions to address topical and relevant issues affecting the state and evolution of Finnish landscapes such as sustainability transitions, climate change, biocultural diversity or the promotion of human rights and democracy. These activities are organized through its partners in ad-hoc Consortiums and through the collaboration with other national, regional and local landscapes observatories in Europe.



The creation of the Landscape Observatory of Finland was the culmination of a process in which different Finnish organizations, led by the Ministry of the Environment and Aalto University, studied other European references and the main challenges affecting the implementation of the European Landscape Convention in Finland. Following this process, the goals and structure of the Observatory were defined and officialized through a Memorandum of Understanding.


The AELCLIC-IDEATOR explored the initial steps to develop a project that would facilitate the continuity of the European Landscape capital as an expression of the European cultural and environmental diversity. This goal was expected to be achieved by understanding the effects of climate change in the ecological and socio-economic structures governing the evolution of a set of valuable or highly used landscapes and by co-defining adaptive and mitigation strategies or policies with the participation of local and regional stakeholders.

The IDEATOR project was supported and funded by CLIMATE-KIC (EIT_EU) and was developed by Aalto University with the collaboration of Wageningen University, University of Copenhagen, Polytechnic University of Valencia, UNISCAPE, CIVILSCAPE, The Landscape Observatory of Finland, the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia, Universita IUAV di Venezia and National University of Ireland-Galway.


The project “FINLAND OVER 100 – TOWARDS SUSTAINABLE LANDSCAPES” submitted to the ARGUMENTA Call 2018 of the Finnish Cultural Foundation proposes a conceptual and society-based reflection on two key concepts that are intrinsically linked to the evolution of the Finnish environment: Landscape and Sustainability.

In particular, the project aims at co-defining a shared vocabulary supporting the Sustainable Development of Finland, the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the implementation of the European Landscape Convention and the Finnish Strategy for Cultural Environments, and, in a broader sense, the engagement of different segments of the Finnish society in a systems-thinking based discussion.

AELCLIC Pathfinder

The AELCLIC-PATHFINDER would define and test MODELS for the configuration of regional/local consortia with the social, financial, administrative and technical capacity to co-define Landscape Adaptation Plans to Climate Change (LACAPs). A LACAP would include regional/local policies, strategies, pilot actions and initiatives to promote Climate Change adaptation and would be defined in a joint process between local and regional stakeholders.

  • PARTNERS: Aalto University; Wageningen University; Universitat Politècnica de Valencia; Comune di Bologna; Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna; Las Naves (City of Valencia); Fondazione per l’Innovazione Urbana; City of Helsinki; Provincie Zuid-Holland
  • THIRD PARTIES: Uniscape; Civilscape; Landscape Observatory of Finland; Landscape Observatory of the Netherlands; Landscape Observatory of Catalonia; Landscape Observatory of the Canary Islands, Università IUAV di Venezia; National University of Ireland Galway; Eurodite; Piante Faro


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