The Landscape Observatory of Finland is a platform integrating academic, societal, economic and governmental organizations. Since 2016, the Observatory is actively promoting the implementation in Finland of the European Landscape Convention by supporting research, discussion, participation and actions and by assuming that any Finnish landscape, no matter its character, rural or urban, its quality, outstanding, ordinary or damaged, or its scale, local or regional, can become a positive asset for sustainable development & wellbeing (Juanjo Galan, Chair of the Landscape Observatory of Finland).

Role of the partners.

Action and research plans:
The Annual Action and Research Plans of the Landscape Observatory of Finland are co-defined at the beginning of each year by the Steering Group (Executive Board). The Plans identify the main actions and topics to be developed by the members of the Observatory as part of their commitment to the implementation of the European Landscape Convention and explore the ways in which the Observatory can support them. The Annual Reports summarize the main actions and results achieved by the Observatory during one year.

Landscape Legislation & Planning in Finland and Europe
The activity of the Landscape Observatory is linked with the implementation of a wide range of European and Finnish agreements, strategies and frameworks dealing with the management, protection and planning of the landscape.

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